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Top Questions to Ask about Dental Implants Surgery

There are several benefits to having dental implants. It can improve your smile, your self-confidence, and help you develop an enhanced quality of life. People with bright white smiles are more likely to be successful in relationships and in their careers as well. Here are 4 questions that will ultimately help you decide if dental implants are right for you and whether the dentist you are talking to has the appropriate qualifications to perform the procedure.

Am I a Good Candidate for Implants?

Dental implants might be right for you if you are missing teeth, but this is not the only qualification. You might want to get implants or feel excited about getting implants, but they are not right for everybody. It is paramount that you are upfront and honest with your dentist about any medical conditions that you are experiencing, since this will help determine whether dental implants will be effective. Some health conditions and habits prevent implants from adhering to the bone, such as periodontal disease, alcoholism, smoking, and diabetes.

How Much Implant Experience Does the Doctor Have?

You should work with a dentist that has specific experience performing dental implant surgery procedures. This is important because you should make a decision based on the dentist’s competency and ability to answer your questions based on experience. When you are looking for qualified dentists, just make sure that you are asking them about their experience with dental implants in particular.

What Are the Potential Complications of Dental Implant Therapy?

Although there are many benefits to having dental implants, there may also be some complications to think about. For example, one of the rare side effects of dental implant surgery is infection of the implant site. Be sure to talk to your dentist beforehand about what they can do to keep this from happening. Edema or swelling of the site and bleeding are two other rare side effects, but the risk involved with these side effects is greatly minimized by working with qualified dentists and asking questions to make sure you understand what you are going through.

What Is the Healing Time for Dental Implants?

The time it takes for you to heal after a dental implant procedure will vary depending on how healthy you are and how quickly you tend to recover from surgery. Those patients who are relatively young and who generally have good diets may have much better healing and recovery experiences than those patients who perhaps are older or are not so vigilant with their diets will.